Delivering Exhibitor Experience

2018-12-20T19:04:56+00:00December 9th, 2018|Tradeshow Organizers|

Organizer Services for Exhibitor Experience

It’s not much of a tradeshow without exhibitors. They provide the content, the innovation, and importantly, the investment. With so much riding on the participants, show organizers work to make the experience great. That means providing services that make it easy, clear, consistent and valuable. Among the most important services an organizer can provide are access to attendee data and ways to capture leads.

Event organizers commonly offer badge scanning and lead retrieval devices for exhibitors to use in the booth. That’s a start, but just having physical equipment involved can spell trouble. And because the hardware is varied, there can be learning curves and integration issues.

We recommend ditching the equipment in favor of a digital, cloud-based app, Sale$tratus® SPARK. Organizers manage the back end on their own laptops, and exhibitors simply download the app. Lead management and support services include:

Helping Organizers Grow the Show

Event organizers tend to want to grow the tradeshow each year. After all, their member or customer value proposition often depends on their ability to bring the network together. Because business development, sales, relationships, and learning thrive in the marketplace of the tradeshow.  Employing a lead management app helps organizers grow by delivering:

  • Better ROI through leads and lead management
  • Improved experience through speed, accuracy, consistency, and simplicity
  • Continuous improvement through insights