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Attendee Tracking

Boost Your Booth Insights for Improved Results

Often, exhibitors use the same booth set up across trade shows, over time, and even virtually. They base the set up on what the company wants to feature, and the assets it has. And they assume simple observation by booth staff is the best intel they can get. But what if you could track and aggregate attendees’ movements in and around your booth? Imagine using simple attendee tracking software to get scientific insights, and what could you do with that information.

Integrated EX-Sensor Technology for Attendee Tracking

It’s not a pipe dream. When you use the Sale$tratus® SPARK App, this is not only possible but also easy and integrated. This technology addresses the free-flowing environments found at tradeshows and other events. It is secure, easy, and outage resilient. We work closely with our clients to select and configure the right technology for their event. We do this through a suite of WiFi EX-Sensors placed strategically in and around the booth, aisle, or the broader exhibit hall. The EX-Sensors measure attendee footfall, traffic, engagement, and demographics.

How the Secure Attendee Tracking EX-Sensors Work

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops send out WiFi discovery beacons, which the EX-Sensors detect. These beacons contain a unique identifier for the device. As a result, we are able to build a picture of attendee movement around the event or booth space. We take privacy seriously, so this is not “big brother”! Using encrypted data, the unique identifier only allows us to detect a device and it’s manufacturer – not the person.

How We Track Attendees Online

Even in the virtual world, we are able to track attendee behavior and incorporate it into our analyses to evaluate performance and inform future decisions. The digital counterpart to the physical tracking is hotspots, codes embedded in links, link mapping, and of course conversion forms.

What Tracking Technology Can Measure

We are able to provide insight previously reserved for time- and labor-intensive ethnography (watching and recording behavior), or guessing. So now we can actually track:

  • Attendee counts (overall, by area)
  • Dwell times (average time in the booth, overall and zone engagement)
  • Flow (peak times, popular routes)
  • Conversion (from passive to active engagement)

Output from the Attendee Tracking System

You see the data that comes from the in-person tracking technology on your laptop, in the back end of the app. For virtual applications, the analytics will come from a suite of online tools. Viewed in your Analytics Dashboard, it is easy to read and share. Visual displays include

  • A live heat map of attendee distribution
  • Conversion ratios overall and by sales team member or zone
  • Current capacity
  • Figures listed above for current and cumulative events

Armed with this insight, you can create and manage your booth around outcomes. Further, when you look at the insights together with scanning data, the picture becomes highly actionable. You can deliver better flow, higher engagement, and increased lead capture. Ultimately, you improve lead management and drive higher ROI from tradeshows.

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