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Certified Partners

Working Together Serving Customers

Our approach is pretty straightforward. Focus on driving value for – and with – our customers by enhancing their tradeshow success. We have a core set of co-founders and certified partners around the world working to do that every day. But there are seemingly infinite numbers of potential customers who could benefit from working with us. That means we are constantly on the lookout for additional partners, who share our philosophies and expertise, which include:

  • People-powered technology
  • Collaborative customer-driven innovation
  •  Shared value-based relationships
  • Experience-oriented service model
  • Can-do work ethic

Where We Need You

We are a truly global team. As world citizens, we are happy to go wherever our customers need us. But time is actually finite, and we have found that we can’t always be in more than one place instantaneously. As a result, we are very interested in enlisting other partners to extend our reach and impact. Specifically, we are seeking to grow our representation via service-minded professionals with strong existing contacts in major metropolitan areas. You should be tradeshow-savvy and technology-aligned.

Cadmium Marketing
France, Germany, Southern Europe and Asia Pacific

Selenium Marketing
UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and MEA

Department of Creative

Palladium Marketing
North America and Latin America

White Pine Marketing
Western United States

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