Exhibitor Support Drives Value and Retention

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What SaleStratus Means by Exhibitor Support

Customer support is at the core of our business model. Although technology is what we technically sell, we deliver and derive far more value when we put ourselves in the package in the form of exhibitor support. That includes things like pre-conference preparation, on-site training, and sharing best practice tips and tactics.

We are extremely proud that our tradeshow technologies are in use across multiple continents by entities large and small. We can’t profile them all, but here is a sample set of use cases to help explain what we mean when we say exhibitor support.

Exhibitor Support Use Cases

Pre-Conference Badge Set Up for Lead Capture Scanning

In 2019, we supported two events with the American Marketing Association (AMA) including the AMA Symposium on Marketing of Higher Education, and AMA Cincinnati’s Ignite Conference on Customer Experience. Both events leveraged our badge creator solution for small to mid-sized events. SaleStratus handles badge design to incorporate a QR Code containing attendee data via API connection to the organizer database. This allows the organizer, in this case, AMA, to provide enhanced exhibitor support for lead capture.

When exhibitors capture leads using the badge scanner app on their smartphones, they are able to quickly include additional notes using the qualifying questions, so the leads are more than just contact information. They always have the backup option to scan business cards instead or in addition, and still capture the additional information.

In one case, licenses to scan badges for lead capture and qualification was an additional option for exhibitors to purchase. The other provided licenses and training as an additional benefit for exhibitors. In both cases, exhibitors reported feeling more supported and gaining more value from participation.

On-Site Training and Exhibitor Support

We don’t go to every show, but for first-time users like AMA, high-volume users like the client at RSNA, and upon request, we make the investment to be right there with you.

Although training is extremely simple and quick, there is often a level of uncertainty in the exhibitor’s mind before using the Spark App for the first time. We all know that exhibiting at a tradeshow carries a heavy burden of logistics and management. Our goal in providing on-site exhibitor support is to make lead capture the easiest and most productive part of the process. We’ll get your sales team ready to make the most of the opportunity.

Quickscan for Session and Event Check-In

The end of this year found us delivering exhibitor support in Chicago at one of the largest and most prestigious healthcare industry events, Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), with one of our clients using over 100 Salestratus Spark lead capture licenses over the course of the 6-day event. This client opted to use Spark for lead capture at the main booth, but also at four other satellite events using the Quickscan option.

The Quickscan option simply allows users to scan one badge after another without taking the additional steps of checking the data, asking qualifying questions and saving the lead. This is extremely helpful when using the scanning function to simply track attendance at a special event or session for organizer ROI and later follow up.

Post-Conference Reporting

Finally, we aren’t finished until you have your leads in-hand, in excel or in CRM. That’s happening in real-time as exhibitors scan badges and business cards, but with multiple licenses across multiple days and often different people managing different parts of the process, a post-conference report is very helpful. We can share information like total leads, leads by salesperson, and even leads across multiple shows or initiatives.

When our customers opt-in for attendee tracking, our exhibitor support can also provide detailed information on leads by location and relative to attendee traffic volume. It’s powerful data that provides valuable information on sales engagement, booth setup, exhibit location, and overall ROI of the initiative.

Our Commitment to Exhibitor Support

Exhibitor support is simply an essential part of our value proposition. It’s all about you, your experience and your ROI. Technology is the enabler for the success of the people involved.

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