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Virtual Conference Platform

Delivering Real Experiences Virtually

Our virtual conference platform options include full trade shows, exhibit halls, booths, and product launches that deliver real experiences. Now organizers and exhibitors can approach their event management initiatives from a new vantage point. Imagine:

  • Unlimited booth space
  • Upgraded digital launch of new products
  • Enhanced sales training
  • Trackable sponsorship opportunities
  • Shelf-life beyond show dates for exhibitors
  • On-demand exploration for attendees
  • Interactive multimedia enhancements
  • Key opinion leader engagement
  • Easy information sharing
  • Expanded ROI analytics

How Our Virtual Conference Platform Delivers Experiences and Engagement

In the Salestratus Virtual Conference Platform, the attendee gets a digital badge, which follows her/him on their journey through the exhibit experience. The experience is gated to the specifications of the organizer. Once the access is cleared the attendee enters the virtual exhibit hall which contains 3D views of the Halls with the exhibiting companies displayed in one of three ways depending on the package they choose. The 1D version is a simple floor plan with a logo panel, whereas the 2D and 3D versions are booth elevations with the look and feel of the company brand and their products and services.

Once they’ve entered the virtual conference, the attendee selects which companies and booths they wish to visit and then they dive down a level into the booth experience with hotspots positioned around the booth elevation visual. Each hotspot corresponds to a page of live content containing other digital assets. These can include product videos, product images and descriptions, white paper downloads, news items, and CTA conversion points that provide valuable leads to the exhibiting brand.

All the CTAs, conversion points, content downloads, and leads are tracked through the Salestratus Spark dashboard, where they can view across the entire virtual conference platform for a more global view. Similarly, organizers can view data across exhibitors. From there, exhibitors can view, edit, and export individual leads to a spreadsheet or integrate with a CRM or marketing automation platform providing those connections are established.

We tailor the whole experience to the brand standards of the organizing entity. Despite giving some branding and design freedoms, particularly on the booth design, it’s important to maintain the same navigation and interactive access points for better user experience, but also to facilitate rapid, cost-effective and high-quality execution.

For more information on our Virtual Conference Platform, contact us, or request a demo.