Event Organizer Success Story: Wound Care Today 2019

Wound Care Today 2019: Event Organizer Success Story

Wound Care Today is a free-to-use online resource for all healthcare professionals with an interest in wound care. They run an annual conference, also called Wound Care Today, established in 2018 and growing quickly. In 2019, the organization brought in delegates and exhibitors from around the world. To enhance the experience of both exhibitors and delegates and thus increase event organizer success, Wound Care Today engaged Sale$tratus Spark and end-to-end tradeshow lead capture solutions.

Sale$tratus at Wound Care Today

After a successful pilot of our new Salestratus® Spark platform for Event organizers at the inaugural Wound Care Today 2018, we provided the badge generation system for the 2019 event. We provided our Spark App to 18 major Exhibitors, enabling them to gather lead profile data with custom qualifiers highly relevant to their own individual businesses.

The Event Organizer was able to monitor the number of leads captured by all 18 participating companies in real-time and use the information to prompt their clients, the Exhibitors, on how they were doing relative to others. This proved to be a great motivator for rival companies to up their game on engaging visitors to their booths!

We also enabled delegate mapping sensors at this event, allowing the Organizer to demonstrate to the Exhibitors that all areas of the exhibition hall had equal shares of traffic, which in turn pre-empted any complaints from any Exhibitors that they were in a “bad spot”.

Event Organizer Success: Results

All Exhibitors had a positive experience with Spark for their lead capture, commenting on the speed and ease of use, the accuracy of information gathered about each lead, the work saved post-show in managing lead data, and the ability to start follow-up with their leads immediately after the show.

See this short highlights video to hear their testimonials: