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Our Industry Experience

Putting Industry Experience to Work for Our Customers

Our experience in the tradeshow industry is extensive. After all, it’s where we spend so much of our time and passion. But it goes beyond that. We have a wealth of experience in several major sectors. The Sale$tratus® SPARK App itself is Industry agnostic. But some sectors do more shows. Some do bigger shows.  And still others are changing faster. So those higher-demand sectors drive more focus and activity. For example, healthcare, manufacturing and renewable  energy.


Healthcare is as broad as it is deep. And, the subject matter is complex. As a result, there is constant need for continuing professional education and compliance updates. And there are innovations and advancements to share and learn. Public and private sector stakes are high. Healthcare industry events are huge, and so are the opportunities. We have experience across sectors, including:

  • life sciences
  • medical devices
  • Payers
  • Providers


Manufacturing often means a global supply chain. That, in turn, means it depends on expansive relationships. The buying cycle can be long, and the interdependencies are critical. So seeing all the elements in one place on the show floor can help shorten the time to purchase. And the scope and scale makes the events even more important for making connections. We have experience across sectors, including:

  • process instrumentation
  • technology & electronics
  • industrial chemicals
  • commercial equipment
  • automotive
  • consumer goods

Renewable Energy

The energy field is evolving rapidly. Because it is rich with innovation and opportunity, industry events are essential to progress. With renewables on the rise, startups and utilities alike are showing up to see and show what’s next. We have experience across sectors, including:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Water
  • Fuel Cells

Expanding Industry Scope

Are you in an industry that has high-volume or large-scale tradeshows? Then we’d love to hear your ideas, challenges and questions. Contact us to start a conversation about broadening our scope or honing our focus.