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Our Team

Who is Sale$tratus? The Tradeshow Team Behind the Screen

We are a tradeshow support team that spans three continents, four countries, and multiple individual businesses. Each has its own essential element, character and skillset. What binds us is a steadfast passion for customer-driven innovation. We thrive on the curiosity to discover new connections and the insights to create what matters most at the intersection of human interaction and technology tools.

Our experience in all aspects of marketing and our “always on” drive help our customers solve tradeshow-related challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Customers work with our tradeshow support team based primarily on territory or region. Nevertheless, in every case, they have the full range of capabilities, perspectives and relationships working for them behind the screen.

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Meet the Founding Team

Spence Tidman

Sale$tratus® Co-Founder

Spence – the Visionary Servant Leader – has the rare ability to combine a blue-sky approach to practical product and business development. He has an acute focus on fine detail, and a natural aptitude with technology. Spence is passionate about new ideas, whether for business or in his everyday life. Something new is by default something interesting. This drives his curiosity to find better solutions. He loves singing the blues in a rock band in his spare time! Connect with Spence and learn about his professional background and credentials on LinkedIn.

Mitch Tidman

Sale$tratus® Co-Founder

Mitch – the Valuable Perspectives Connector – has a keen business sense and likes to focus on real value. He believes the elusive or hidden insights are the catalysts that move things forward. Mitch has an empathetic ear and strives to be the customer’s advocate and champion. He is part of the vibrant Cincinnati marketing landscape as the leader of the AMA Cincinnati CX & Sales Enablement Community. A nature lover who always leads with mindfulness. he is also a dad, musician and cheeky beer enthusiast. Connect with Mitch and see his professional background and credentials on LinkedIn.

Gareth Wood

Sale$tratus® Co-Founder

Gareth – the Business Development Coach – is all about results through people, helped by the latest technology of course! Whatever is being proposed, he looks for the impacts, results and who is going to achieve them. Gareth is a strategic, analytical business professional who loves to be part of a growing community that’s making a difference. He also believes in having a great time while he’s at it! Gareth is based in Birmingham, UK. Connect with Gareth and see his professional background and credentials on LinkedIn.

Annick Tidman

Sale$tratus® Operations

Annick – the Detail Diva – is the quiet but effective force behind all accounting, legal, and operational work. With a strong Latin American will and her perfect mastery of multiple languages, Annick is an essential part of our global team, making sure things run smoothly in the background. Annick loves spending time with friends and practicing her Spanish on the locals when visiting the beautiful coastlines of south-east Spain.

Chess Tidman

Sale$tratus® Co-Founder

Chess – the Creative Action Hero – is the ‘get-it-done’ person on the team. His work ethic puts most to shame, and he never…ever…gets flustered. When scope creeps, and timelines slip, with calm resolve Chess chips away and steers the troops back to the task at hand. Father of three phenomenal kids, Chess spends his time between the sand dunes of Marrakech’ and the rustic shores of Brittany France. Connect with Chess and learn about his professional background and credentials on LinkedIn.