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Customer Reviews

We founded our company on the idea that we would be what our customers needed. Because the technology is only as useful as the value it delivers. As a result, almost all of our innovation comes from our customer partnerships. We have grown tremendously, thanks to customer feedback, and the collaborative development process. The reviews and testimonials on this page demonstrate how connected and committed we are to serving customers’ lead management through the “people-powered” tradeshow technologies we develop together. Contact us to share your thoughts with us!

Working in partnership with SaleStratus has had a transformational effect on our event and business – we now live in a world of data, transparency and a constant requirement to justify return on all industry investment. Gareth and his team have provided us with the tools and insight to do just that.

The analytics and data that we can provide our industry partners has given us a market leading advantage in our specialism and has been received with genuine euphoria from our exhibitors. Not only can they now genuinely understand the impact of our event on their business, they, finally, are now working with a tool that provides modernity to their lead capture needs.

SaleStratus will remain a key partner for us in the years ahead, as we grow our event from strength to strength.

After years of manually capturing leads, NuVasive Europe decided to launch the Sale$tratus® SPARK app in January 2018.  Since the introduction of the app, we have been able to significantly increase the efficacy of customer data collection.  The business card scanning feature quickly enables us to scan contact details and the Q&A feature allows us to record specific clients’ needs.  We also use the automated response e-mail function to thank prospects for their interest, taking into consideration compliance with GDPR.


Sale$tratus® SPARK has streamlined our lead generation process by giving our staff members a simple and universal tool. Having our own lead capture app allows us to monitor and follow up on lead activity from a variety of domestic and global events throughout the year. This is visibility and accessibility you do not get by renting lead generation tools at major tradeshows. The flexibility on how to capture leads from QR codes to business cards and manual entry to voice dictated entry means a lead is never lost. With a dashboard and comprehensive view of activity, this tool provides our Marketing team better insight for planning event resources and on-going communications.

Using the Salestratus® Spark lead capture app has completely transformed the speed, efficiency and quality of lead capture for our organisation at conference events.

Prior to the event, the ease and flexibility of the back end programming of the app allowed us to create questions that steered conversation in line with our corporate messaging strategy. When used during the event, this then ensured we were not only capturing contact details of delegates but also recording vital information that turned a named person into a strong lead who had a genuine interest for what our organisation has to offer.

At the wound Care Today event in June, we set ourselves a target of 50 leads and ended with 79 thanks to the efficiency Spark helped us to create. Time with delegates at conferences can be limited so any assistance in recording delegate information quickly is essential to adopt. I would recommend any organisation looking to improve productivity, output and a better ROI at conference events invest in the Sale$tratus® SPARK app.

No more will you be standing around in huddles at the end of exhibitions or events discussing who will type up the leads and circulate them, nor will you risk losing the reams of paper that your team has hand written.

We recently used the Sale$tratus® SPARK application at a very well attended event and it was so much easier, quicker, and more professional, not to mention much more consistent. This application is incredibly intuitive and easy to set up and the customer service is excellent should you have any queries.

After a simple setup process, the team on the stand all have a simple app on their mobile phone to scan delegate’s passes whether using QR codes, barcodes or simply scanning business cards. You can add as few or as many additional questions as you like to the app to ensure that the team all ask the same questions to make sure that you capture exactly what you want from the event, in a consistent way. At the end of the event you have all the data instantly accessible. The app will even send a thank you e-mail to your stand visitors which is very professional and values their interest and their time.

If you want to continue to stand in front of visitors with a clipboard and a pen writing everything down then of course it’s a free choice, but we will continue to use the Sale$tratus® SPARK app as it offers a quick and reliable way of collecting and sharing event information.

Thank you Sale$tratus® for a very useful and cost-effective tool.