Exhibitor Support Drives Value and Retention

What SaleStratus Means by Exhibitor Support Customer support is at the core of our business model. Although technology is what we technically sell, we deliver and derive far more value when we put ourselves in the package in the form of exhibitor support. That includes things like pre-conference preparation, on-site training, and sharing best practice tips and tactics. We are extremely proud that our tradeshow technologies are in use across multiple continents by entities large and small. We can’t profile them all, but here is a sample set of use cases to help explain what we mean when we say [...]

Trade Show Events Mean Value for Trade Show People

Trade Show Events Bring Best Practices to Life Putting into practice what you preach or walking a mile in your customer’s shoes is such a powerful way of deepening your understanding of the value you deliver and about your business’ raison-d’etre. People who work in and serve the trade show industry know the value to be found in the initiative. They also know the effort, enabling technologies and partnerships it takes to deliver that value. Taking a page from our own Tradeshow Playbook, we strategically selected and actively invested in two trade show events to engage with prospects from all [...]