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Attendee Badges

Attendee Name Badges Designed for Results

The biggest payoff of attending a tradeshow is an actionable list of qualified leads in the CRM system. But the traditional way of collecting leads at tradeshows leaves a great deal to be desired. Instead of leaving exhibitors to pocket business cards they hope to remember, consider setting up badges for quick, easy scanning.

Tradeshow Organizers who use the Sale$tratus® SPARK App have the option to have us configure the name badges. This means that we do the meticulous work of assigning QR codes to every individual attendee. We also customize and set up the badges for printing. As a result, the name badges are ready for quick scanning by sales and booth staff of exhibitors who have the app from the word go.

Lead Retrieval Integration

It can also be a challenge for Organizers to seamlessly flow the attendee database into individual exhibitor lead retrieval systems while maintaining acceptable data protection standards. We have that covered too. Our hands on approach, GDPR-compliant, and API friendly App allows us to do the behind-the-scenes work for you. As a result, your process is both simplified and improved. We pull the attendee data into the app, assign a QR code, and set up the attendee badges for scanning by the organizer and/or the exhibitors.

Badge Format Options

Tradeshow, expo, conference and other event badges carry a lot of weight. They are an important branding mechanism, so they must be crafted carefully. Additionally, they are the first signal to Exhibitors of a potentially important lead. Therefore, the badges also carry great opportunity. When rich with data via a QR code, they are ready to be of service to attendees, and a time saver for attendees as well. Once we have set up the QR codes, there are a number of ways we can do the attendee badge set up. We work with Organizers to accommodate the badge format and print mechanism of their choice. We’ll set up the templates with your branding and custom QR coding so they are print-ready, or ready on demand. Sale$tratus® SPARK can accommodate:

  • individual badges
  • one-by-one in batch
  • sheets of multiple badges

Once you have your Badges set up, the next step in the end-to-end process is Lead Management.

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