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Sale$tratus® SPARK

Tradeshow Lead Capture Platform & App

Sale$tratus is changing the tradeshow game. We provide end-to-end tradeshow solutions for lead management, from attendee badges through analytics. Sale$tratus® SPARK is a web-based lead capture platform with a smartphone app. It serves as a hub of tradeshow organizers, exhibitors, sales and booth staff, delivering value including:

  • More – and more qualified – leads
  • Protected and secure lead data
  • Increased productivity for sales and booth staff
  • Optimized in-booth engagement
  • Improved tradeshow ROI
  • Analytics and insights for reporting and decision making
  • Consistency within and across tradeshows

SPARK Your Curiosity in 51 Seconds

Sale$tratus® SPARK Lead Capture Platform

The Sale$tratus® SPARK lead capture platform that sits behind the app, along with our dedicated team, provides all the support necessary for you to drive results. With our web-based platform, you (or we) can:

Sale$tratus® SPARK Smartphone App

The Sale$tratus® SPARK lead capture app is available for iOS and Android. Because it works through the smartphone and the cloud-based technology in the lead capture platform, it is easy to access and easy to use. As a result, the sales team will be willing, able and eager to adopt this powerful tradeshow tool. It is a dramatic improvement over the status quo. The app enables your team to:

Capture data via multi-format scanning

  • Attendee badges with custom QR codes
  • Badges linked to show lead retrieval via API Integration
  • Business cards
  • Quick-scan option
  • Manual data entry

Qualify leads with in-app questions

  • Collect attendee consent in the app (for GDPR Compliance)
  • Document urgency of need (where are they in the buying cycle?)
  • Identify key industry and/or buyer information (sectors, titles, etc.)
  • Capture custom notes

Work securely online and offline

  • No WiFi required to use the lead capture app
  • Auto-offline avoids data loss during network outages or weak/crowded signals
  • Keeps your collected data secure even when API-connected systems fail

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