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Solutions & Resources for Event Exhibitors

New Opportunities & Solutions for Event Exhibitors

From mega conferences to small regional expos, marketers and other executives invest in events – often many at once – to support their broader business development and lead generation efforts. It takes significant time, effort, money, coordination, and experience to make the most of the opportunity. And if something like a global pandemic happens at the last minute, all that sunk investment can feel very much at risk for event exhibitors. The circumstances in the first half of 2020 have shown that we need solutions that enable your show to go on even if the show itself gets canceled or postponed.

Assuming (as we do) that live events including trade shows will return (with precautions and policies in place of course), event exhibitors will need to be prepared with contingency plans. They also have the opportunity to enhance the live experience by incorporating virtual experiences and solutions that defy the constraints of time and space. And in the short term, exhibitors have an added opportunity to replace missing trade shows with custom virtual booth experiences that bring their products and solutions to life for their customers on their own terms.

Our recent and quick ramp-up of expanded virtual offerings for event exhibitors, including interactive 1D, 2D, and 3D booth experiences, we can help trade show organizers replace or enhance their show productions for their valued customers over the long term.

Our Solutions for Event Exhibitors

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Resources for Event Exhibitors

We support tradeshow exhibitors around the world with end-to-end lead management technology and solutions. But we want to go further to provide all the help we can, so we have assembled some resources to help event exhibitors. Take a look at what we have so far, and check back often as we will continue to build our collection. Have something to add? Contact us to share!

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What SaleStratus Means by Exhibitor Support Customer support is at the core of our business model. Although technology is what we technically sell, we deliver and derive far more value when we put ourselves in the package in the form of exhibitor support. That includes things like pre-conference preparation, on-site [...]

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