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CRM Integration

When is a Lead Really a Lead?

You can collect all the contact information you want. You might even start follow up on the hottest cards in your pocket. But for many companies, it’s not a real lead until it’s in the CRM database. Why not? Because it’s virtually invisible. It’s not in the pipeline, nor does it show up on reports. There may even be more than one person following up. Who would know? Organizations struggle with adoption, population and maintenance of their CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot. That’s why CRM integration is essential for any enabling lead management technology to add real value to your tradeshow initiatives.

CRM Integration: Document Leads Without Data Entry

When you collect leads at a tradeshow, where do they usually go? Into pockets of the sales team usually. If the company is disciplined and the sales team is trained, the leads might make it into CRM. Often, it is up to a trusted assistant or the marketing team to get the cards from the team and enter them manually into a spreadsheet or system. That process can take weeks. And we see stacks of cards on corners of desks around the world.

With the Sale$tratus® SPARK App, the sales team captures and qualifies leads via badge or business card scanning using their smartphones. Users may choose to sync data in real time if connected, or on demand if offline. Leads go directly into the Sale$tratus® SPARK Platform when synced, ready for a final check using advanced data management tools. Then users send the leads directly into the database at the click of a button via the CRM Integration.

Other Lead Delivery Options

If there is no CRM system in place, we can just as easily deliver your leads via a simple spreadsheet. Our custom reporting feature allows for quick download or emailing of lead reports. As a result, the sales team can follow up or share with executives in real time.

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