How to Qualify a Lead in the Trade Show Booth

How to Qualify a Lead in the Trade Show Booth Once you've set your goals for leads at trade shows, you need to know how to qualify the leads you will count. There are 4 basic steps to qualify a lead in the trade show booth: Target Profile: know what/who you’re looking for Qualifying Questions: have a standard a list of simple questions containing key indicators Lead Capture: document the answers together with contact information in real-time Booth Training: train sales & booth staff to engage visitors in meaningful conversations Definition, Preparation & Process Are Key People often use the [...]

How to Set Goals for Trade Shows

How to Set Goals for Trade Shows We get this question all the time. It's one we love to answer because it's so important for ROI and executive buy-in. Here's a quick overview of the four ways to set goals for trade shows: Top-of-Funnel Method based on a series of calculations starting with total attendees and taking expected percentages until you arrive at a reasonable goal Reverse Revenue Method based on break-even relative to investment using standard conversion rate and average order size Sales Coverage Method based on a multiple applied to the number of sales professionals, days and hours [...]