Demonstrated Tradeshow Metrics

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Demonstrated Tradeshow Metrics

Tradeshows are a universally competitive arena, so we believe in client confidentiality. But we also believe in results, and we know that you want to see what’s possible. We have compiled representative results across customers, tradeshows and initiatives. Check them out below, and contact us today to talk about how we can help you achieve results at your next tradeshow!

Overall Goals

  • Lead capture goal exceeded by 300%

Booth Engagement Metrics

  • 7500+ attendees passed the booth during the 5 days (2115 returned)
  • 4000+ engaged by stepping into the booth (785 returned)
  • Average “dwell time”: more than 16 minutes, with nearly half that time measuring as “engaged”
  • 1300+ leads captured (nearly 3000 leads after lead-multiplier processing)

Lead Conversion Rates

  • Passing to Engaged Attendees: 54%
  • Attendees captured: 33%
  • Engaged Attendees to pre-qualified Leads: 72%