Tradeshow Playbook

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Comprehensive Template for Tradeshow Planning, Execution & ROI

Being prepared is not just for boy scouts. We believe that a strong plan makes all the difference. And the more prepared you are for your tradeshow, the more return you can gain from your activities.

We have compiled a collection of advice and examples into an editable playbook you can use for each show. Tradeshow exhibitors, marketing and sales professionals can customize and use this tool with their teams to get the most out of their tradeshow investments.

What’s in the Tradeshow Playbook

Why, What & So What: Reasons to invest valuable time & money, and what you can expect to get in return

Vital Logistics: Details and resources you’ll need to execute your tradeshow strategies

Booth & Other Details: Details to support brand presence and attendee engagement

Rules of Engagement: Expectations and opportunities to get the most out of your investment

What’s Next: Don’t check the box and move on – capitalize on your investment

Get Started: Download the Tradeshow Playbook

Because this is such a valuable resource, we’ll just ask you for a bit of information, and then you can get started with your next event! Also, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know anything we may have missed, suggestions or ideas for future revision.

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