• Create & deploy applets in real time!

    The built-in CMS (content management system) makes it simple & fast to share any content you create (news, presentations, training, lead capture)...

  • Save time & cut costs!

    Eliminate time-consuming tasks and reduce the cost of producing and distributing your marketing & sales collateral...

  • Track & measure everything you create!

    Monitor marketing & sales efficiency by accessing detailed statistics for every applet in use.

  • Seamlessly connect to your CRM or ERP...

    The integrated data management system can be connected to external platforms (SFDC, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Marketo, Eloqua, Oracle, SAP...) Additional fees apply.

  • Share with anyone... use anywhere...
    even OFFLINE!

    Share your applets with any number or type of users (sales team, distributors, customers)... Use them anywhere, even without an internet connection!

  • Publish only regulatory compliant content!

    Keep firm control of your content so that nothing is published until it is legally approved and compliant!

  • Built-in lead capture & profiling...

    Include data capture (Q&A, lead profiling, surveys, etc.) into any type of applet you build...

  • Multi-lingual capabilities!

    As well as operating in almost any language, salestratus simplifies the localization process with advanced features such as cloning and export-import functions...


Performance happens when great people use great technology


Click on the + signs below to learn more about the extensive features proposed by Salestratus. The platform and applications are permanently updated with new features and improvements based on our own marketing and sales experience as well as customer driven initiatives. We listen to our users! Click here for more details or suggestions.

Brand your content "applets" individually or globally in one simple action.
View your content or save data without an internet connection.
All your content is readily available in your private zone in our secure, resilient and flexible cloud environment. Your tablet gets damaged, just download the app and login with your credentials to restore all your content and lead data.
Create, approve and publish content to a single user or groups of multiple users.
Create and capture lead data from all your marketing content on your easy touchscreen tablet.
All content and data can be exported in CSV format and seamlessly connected to your favorite CRM, ERP or Marketing platform.
Enter users and create groups with which you can share your content.
Edit directly from your tablet - no need to switch to your laptop - no need to store all your content locally!
Import photos and videos into your centralised private library and use them on all your content. Update an image and it will update on all your sales teams tablets.
Set optional start and end dates for anything you publish - ideal for campaigns or events.
Set global and individual lead capture goals for your teams.
Enter costs for your campaign, presentation, lead capture event, training program - Salestratus will automatically calculate the cost per lead.
Copy any applet you have created, modify and add screens as you wish - perfect for localization purposes.
A simple zip file will create a swipable animated image gallery for your product range photography.
Before publishing your new apps, share them with your legal department for approval.
Create and add specific approval forms to any content you create.
The platform & app can be made available in most languages. Simplified process for translation and integration of content localization.
All your content can capture user data such as usage time for each applet and the number of times viewed or presented.
Add a simple question or a full survey to any applet you create. Mix'n Match with photo, video or text.
As Salestratus works offline, you can decide whether to synchronize one applet, all your applets in one click. Users also see when new applets or updates are available.
Whether you have 1 or 1000 applets, organize them using the 4 level classification system. Users benefit from the advanced filtering to view their favorite or most relevant applets at all times.
Sales call notes: audio, photo, text and advanced whiteboard feature.
Wherever you go, you have access to all your content and lead data. If you don't have an internet connection, you still have access to view all your applets and capture data which is stored on your tablet. Once connected and synchronized, your data is saved to your private cloud environment.