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Event API Integration for Lead Retrieval


Event API Integration: Value Across Events

Tradeshows are a primary sales and marketing investment for many companies. When tradeshows are core to a company’s go-to-market strategy, their efforts are sophisticated and complex. Often, they span across multiple events.  In this case, working across various systems for lead retrieval can make overall lead management tricky. When team productivity slows down, so does ROI. Our API integration changes that game and provides consistency across events.

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is simply how one system “talks” to another. There are many event-related technologies that might be candidates for API integration. Attendee registration and lead retrieval systems hold valuable data, which is critical to the lead management process. Whether through full API integration or post-show merger, Sale$tratus® SPARK can close the lead management loop.

The “People Power” Behind Successful Event API Integration

API connection may sound simple. But it’s not always easy. While API integration is almost always possible, it’s not automatic. It takes time, effort and technical knowledge to get answers and access to the right data.

Adding technology can be overwhelming because there are so many details involved in running a major tradeshow. And when lead retrieval and other systems aren’t on speaking terms, exhibitors often forgo the benefits of the technology. That’s where our dedicated tradeshow support team comes in. We have deep experience in the integration process. We know what to ask for, what to do, and how to make it seamless.

There is another factor that can give pause to organizers and exhibitors: data privacy and security. Because of that and legal regulations, GDPR compliance is a critical nuance of technology integration. Sale$tratus® SPARK is fully GDPR compliant, so we can assure technology users that our API integration is secure.

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Why API Connection is Worth the Effort

When it comes to tradeshow lead management, a cold start is a hard start. That’s why we are here in the first place. Because you should never have to start cold. If you have a preferred system to collect data, then API integration with Sale$tratus® SPARK can make that investment more valuable.

The right connection makes lead retrieval at one show easier for your sales team to work. It makes lead capture fast, accurate, actionable and trackable. Now multiply that by the number of shows you work. Think about the time it takes to adapt to various systems, and the missed opportunities when systems are not compatible. Sale$tratus® SPARK pulls it all together, and helps maximize the ROI of your tradeshow initiatives.